How to Make Your Own Surgical Guides with A $300 Printer (Hardcopy + eBook Bundle)

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Bundle = Hardcopy + eBook

 Is it true? Is it possible to easily design and print guides in your own office? And with a $300 printer no less??

Yup, it's absolutely possible. This book is a how-to guide on how to actually get into making guides and not blow all of your money on an expensive 3D Printer.

We know that you probably don’t want to do crazy computer gymnastics to tweak your guides. You’ll learn actionable information from this, that’ll guide you to making your first guide in a meme-driven, insightful, and full of information that you can put to use right away.

 In this little book, we’ll show you EVERYTHING. 

  • Equipment you'll need (with links)
  • Software (yup links here too)
  • How to import your files
  • How to place the implant & design your guide
  • How to print
  • How to clean
  • And what universal guided kits are out there

This ridiculous little guide is guaranteed to kick start your guides game.