The Hustler's Handbook - Online Hustle (eBook)

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The Hustler's Handbook is a step-by-step guide for anyone wanting to start their own online business or side-hustle. It’s also filled with tips useful for anyone starting or running a business.

I've learned a lot of things over the years about starting an online business. In this book I share the lessons I've learned through some memorable anecdotes.

I've also included references to books I've read and links to YouTube videos I've watched that have helped me grow. 

What’s inside?

  • How to build an audience
  • Pearls from business/creativity books I've read
  • Successful launch/grand opening strategy
  • How to decide on a business niche
  • Raving fans strategy
  • Developing customer experience
  • What price to sell your product
  • Bootstrap with very little money
  • Links to useful YouTube resources 
  • Tips for growth

The 110% refund.

No worries! If this isn't the best book you've ever read on hustling, we'll gladly give you a 110% refund! Yup, We'll pay you more than you paid for the book!