Implant Surgery 101 Ninja Deep Dive

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The Whole Tamale...

This course deep dive is designed for those who want to go the full nine yards.

1) You start with the online course but you also get a hand on kit delivered to you so you can do the hands-on work along with the online course. You'll also have access to downloads, references, and our private forum in our online community. 

2) Once you've got the foundational skills from the online course, come to our hands-on course to reinforce what you learned and pick up some new skills. You'll receive private mentorship from Dr. Ivan Chicchon to help you implement what you learn immediately into your office. 

What's Included?

Online Implant Surgery 101 ($1295)

Hands-on Kit with Implant Components ($250)

2 Day In-Person Course ($3600)

Downloads and Guides 

Private Forum 

Original Cost: $5,145

Ninja Package DEAL: $4,630.50


Dates for 101 Hands-on Course?

February 28-29 - Honolulu, HI Registration Closed 

September 4-5, Sacramento, CA


Want help in deciding the best path for you?

Shoot us an email at We would be happy to help!