Ready to take your implant learning to the next level? 


We offer 2 Hands-on Courses...


Implant Surgery 101

Perfect for anyone who has placed 0-25 implants.

It covers all the basics you need to get you started placing implants with confidence. More info here!


All on X

This course is designed to get you to take on full arch implant cases. More info here!


What our fellow ninjas have to say:

Tommy Y., Mineola, NY  

Implant Ninja is an amazing startup. Love how much energy and love you put into the class. 

Your course is one of the best and most comprehensive courses out there. You really love to teach the stuff you love and I appreciate how honest and to the point you are. Keep up the same energy and atmosphere for all your future courses. Please do not ever give into a specific company. Introduce all the different options/pros and cons and let us decide what we like best. 

Devandra C., Toronto, ON

I feel this course has been one of the best courses I have ever taken. This course covered everything so well and I never felt I was bombarded by useless info. You got straight to the point and made the content easy to remember. I loved the hands on portion as it really reinforced what we learned during your online course. I feel very comfortable going home and place some implants. You and your team respond so quickly to questions and are genuinely kind people. I definitely look forward to your future work as I will be a life long pupil of yours and will recommend you to all my colleagues. Thank you for spending countless hours to put this course together. It really showed. Hope to see you soon in the future!

Austin B., Guntersville, AL

I think you're doing a great job developing your brand and putting together something that I think will be successful for a long time, and not just a flash in the pan. I think the staff does a great job helping us out, and the content on the online course is top notch. I think adding a few more of the summary charts to the ends of the lectures would be great to have as a helpful reference material to go back to. 

I loved the online course because I was able to do it at my pace and fill up slow times in my office schedule by learning rather than just wasting time, and also was able to go home and work on it in my off time. The hands on course was great as well, and I could really tell it was learning focused and not supply rep focused to sell products. I can't over emphasize how awesome that was to see and experience. I'm a huge brand ambassador for you now and I will tell lots of people how great the Implant Ninja is. Next up you should do an ALL-ON-X hands on course!


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