2-Day Implant Surgery 101 Hands on Course: Honolulu February 28-29

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The Hands-On Implant Surgery 101 Course

In this course we will focus on the practical application of implant techniques. We cover single implant techniques, bone grafting basics, planning, executing overdenture cases, basic restorative techniques, and everybody’s favorite...TROUBLESHOOTING! 

Take a peek at our subjects

  • Treatment Planning for Basic Implant Surgery

  • Basic Flap Technique & Implant Placement (Posterior)

  • Anterior Placement

  • How to Manage Spinners

  • How to Manage Excessive Torque

  • How to Remove and Implant Transfer Without Disturbing the Site

  • Immediate Implant Treatment Planning

  • Immediate Placement Molar

  • Immediate Placement Premolar

  • Membrane and Graft with Immediate

  • Managing No Primary Stability with Immediate Placement

  • Restoring Single Implants

  • Treatment Planning Session

  • Planning Overdentures

  • Practice Placing Implants for Overdentures

  • Restoring Overdentures

We will practice every single step on hands-on tabletop models with close mentorship.

Looking forward to having you there!